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The State Museum of Pennsylvania

Come to the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg and learn about Pennsylvania – a more than 300-year-old Quaker experiment named “Penn’s Woods, or “Penn’s Land.” 

Take a tour of the stars and night skies in the planetarium, and visit the Memorial Hall where William Penn’s vision is honored with an enormous bronze statue and a mural of Pennsylvania’s history until 1964. The Pennsylvania Icon exhibit shows the commonwealth’s impact through people places, events and products to the nation’s development over time. 

The Village Square shows life in typical 19th century (1800s) villages and small towns, while Native American cultures indigenous to “Penn’s Woods” can be experienced through the lens of archeologists’ excavations, collections and their research.

Pennsylvania was founded after William Penn received the land grant in 1681, in repayment of a debt to his father, Admiral William Penn from the English King Charles II.  

Pennsylvania is a commonwealth, incorporated for the “weal” or well being of its citizens. Pennsylvania is among only four U.S. states incorporated in this way: Kentucky, Massachusetts and Virginia join Pennsylvania as commonwealths. 

Located at 300 North Street in Harrisburg, The State Museum of Pennsylvania is operated by the commonwealth through the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. It’s part of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex.

From prehistory to geology, ecology, transportation and industry to the Civil War and beyond, a single visit won’t be nearly enough time to experience the State Museum of Pennsylvania. For hours and admission visit statemuseum.org.

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The State Museum of Pennsylvania
300 North Street, Harrisburg, PA