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Rock Lititz

Rock Lititz is one of-a-kind.

 Offering design, engineering, manufacturing and rehearsal space, it is meant to provide collaborative resources to create live event experiences.  

Located at 100 Rock Lititz Boulevard in Lititz, the 96-acre production campus includes multi-tenant professionals, studios, a hotel, walking trails, community space and more.

Three custom building studios offer venue platforms for artists as well as any size live events, including a 30,000 square-foot contiguous space. Lighting, risers and logistical support are among the features patrons can access at Rock Lititz. More than 30 companies are part of the Rock Lititz Community, which offers opportunities for employees and industry professionals focused mainly on producing educational, wellness, safety and social and charitable efforts.

Rock Lititz internships are available and suited to theater and fine arts students, STEM (science technology, engineering and math) students and career and technical students willing to think (and color) outside the lines. 

From scenery to audio, production to finance, marketing to video, IT and more, for information visit rocklititz.com

Property Details
Name of the Place
Rock Lititz
100 Rock Lititz Blvd, Lititz, PA