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DreamWrights Center for Community Arts

Community theater thrives at Dreamwrights Center for Community Arts in York.

And the arts center J. William Warehime Lobby sparkles with illuminated pendent lights, provided by individual donors to support the organization and create a dazzling overhead array.

The pendent lights are reflected and sparkle off hardwood flooring, providing a unique atmosphere for patron gatherings, as well as for staff and volunteers. The freshly renovated lobby sets the stage for Dreamwright’s creative performing arts mission, donations light up more lights. 

Since 1997, Dreamwrights (makers of dreams) has offered community educational arts programming to the York community through the support patrons, staff, volunteers and participants.

From workshops and classes to summer camps and theater productions, Dreamwrights gives creative individuals, lovers of art and dreamers a chance to be part of the community. 

Programming is for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. For information visit dreamwrights.org.


Property Details
Name of the Place
DreamWrights Center for Community Arts:: J. William Warehime Lobb
100 Carlisle Avenue
(717) 848-8623