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Collaboration can save brands money while boosting exposure, distribution and sales

Collaboration can save brands money while boosting exposure, distribution and sales

Lancaster-based Kunzler & Co. Inc. and Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe in Chambersburg saw a “substantial lift” in sales after a co-marketing campaign featuring Kunzler’s meat and Martin’s potato rolls across 17 regional grocery stores. Co-marketing can reduce costs for companies while allowing for unique displays.

It happens every day — in restaurants, on hot dog carts and at backyard barbecues.

But bringing together the meat manufacturer and commercial bakery that created those food products to market the combination is a different story.

Take Lancaster-based Kunzler & Co. Inc. and Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe in Chambersburg.

Four years ago, Kunzler saw an opportunity to match the regional food brands as part of a summer promotion.

That didn’t work out, but the stars aligned this past winter for a co-marketing campaign across 17 regional grocery stores, said Tim Vance, Kunzler’s director of marketing.

Not only did both companies see a “substantial lift” in sales, they’ve opted to run the campaign in up to 150 stores in Pennsylvania and surrounding states this winter.

That will include stores tied to Family Owned Markets, Super Valu and Weis Markets, according to York-based Gavin Advertising, the company responsible for making the connection.

Using co-marketing in the nonprofit sphere

Co-marketing works especially well in the public health sector, where finding the funding to market services is always a challenge.

Gavin Advertising has helped the York City Bureau of Health get the word out about the Million Hearts initiative, a national effort to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes in the U.S. by 2017.

“With this push, we wanted to align efforts and ensure consistent messaging, which is a big part of educating the public,” said Craig Walt, community health services supervisor for the bureau. “We wanted to identify what was already available to city residents and then highlight those services to increase utilization.”

Tobacco cessation services would be one example, he said.

Local community partners in that initiative include the York YMCA, East Side Health Center and Minnich’s Pharmacy.

“Hopefully we’ll see an increase in services,” Walt said.

“It gives credibility to your brands,” Vance said. “We’re all fighting for brand space and it saves us money. On that promotion, we saw about five times the volume.”

More eyes on new products


For Kunzler, a company with more than 500 items and at least 40 hot dog varieties, co-marketing campaigns give it a chance to introduce new items to shoppers.

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