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Changing women’s attitudes one photo at a time

Midstate photographer and business owner finds her niche in woman-focused photography

Jillian Williams is the owner and photographer at Bevrore. - (Photo / Submitted)

Midstate professional photographer and business owner finds her niche in professional woman-focused photography

The Bevrore owner is bubbly, excited to share insight about her business, while keeping one eye to the bus stop.

It’s a balance. Work and motherhood don’t separate some days – most days – so she tries to cater to both.

Later, after her children are occupied with after-school snacks, homework and TV, Williams heads down to her basement studio. It’s a women’s paradise: Pillow-filled couches in warm, soft, pastel colors, light music plays in the background and assorted cupcakes sit atop her coffee table.

The walls are lined with photos of women, professional women. Some well-known names in the midstate. They look happy – really happy – to be in front the camera.

That look? Those, confident, smiling faces in the photos? That didn’t come easy.

Just ask this question to most women over the age of 45, 40, even 35: Do you like to have your photo taken?

Their answer? Um, no.

Williams is trying to change that. Her photography background for years was specializing in baby photos. About a year and half ago she started exclusively taking photos of women. She understands females: their fears, their insecurities. But her team can pull out their subjects’ best smile, pose or look. The Bevrore brand was born.

Williams shared some of her insight about Bevrore, especially how she works with clients, one photo at a time.

What are the photo misconceptions that you hear about from women?

We always want to wait for the “perfect” time to get a photo taken.

Most women do not want photos taken … We find reasons not to like ourselves in photos, and think, for instance, if we can just lose five more pounds then it will be the perfect time. … We should celebrate every season of our lives.

There are ways to pose you and flatter you that help you look your best, and still allow you to have a photo you love now. Every single woman … feels vulnerable when it comes to photos. That is why it’s so important to have a photo that captures who you are, and your best qualities.

Why is it important to have a good online profile photo?

We have less than a minute to make a good impression.

Everything is quick and instant. If your photo doesn’t look current, or grab someone’s attention, it will be overlooked.

All of the old “yearbook” style photos look very dated, and selfies are very unprofessional.

It’s key that when you meet someone in person, they recognize you from your photo. If your photo is dated, it really shows you don’t want to invest in yourself, and therefore your career. 

What frustrates you the most about your work? And how do you overcome it?

I think the hardest part of what I do is that every single woman has a negative voice in her head.

They all come from a different place, such as the media, family, or negative words from someone we have met.

I really want women to hear my voice instead. Each of us is beautiful in our own way, and we need to embrace that.

I cannot make a woman look like someone else – but I can take a photo that is the best possible version of her.

Name one thing that a woman can do now to take a better photo?

Always create space! Our arms, for instance, look bigger when they are flat against our body. By putting your hand on your hip, or pulling it away from the body, it will automatically look slimmer.

Where do you find networking success?

To me, networking is all about creating relationships. Spending time with women, and investing in them is key to growing those relationships.

I belong to the American Business Women’s Association, and a chapter of Master Networks, as well as the West Shore Chamber of Commerce.

Truly, any time that you can connect with another woman and find common ground, you are growing those relationships.

Where would you look for mentorship?

My clients are giants in their fields. These amazing women are powerhouse CEOs, business owners and pillars in the community. I am so grateful that they have become my friends when we have a session together.

Truly, Bevrore has brought me some amazing mentors and friends that are willing to help guide me and pass down their wisdom.

About Jillian Williams:

Williams is a graduate of Messiah College, with a degree in human development and family science. She has been married to her husband, Jeremy, for 11 years, and has four children: Sullivan, Everlee, Colvin and Vaughn.

Cathy Hirko
Cathy Hirko is Associate Publisher/Editorial Director for the Central Penn Business Journal and Lehigh Valley Business. Email her at [email protected].

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