How to get your child to wear a face mask

How to spot the signs of bullying

In the past few years, there has been a concerted effort to stop bullying in our schools. Despite this effort, bullying still persists for millions of kids across the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bullying affects 20% of high school students and cyberbullying affects 16% of high school students. The […]

Make a plan for your digital footprint

If social media is like a living organism, what happens to it after we die? “From a logistical standpoint it’s necessary to think about, but also from an emotional standpoint,” said Elizabeth Eddy, co-founder and CEO of Lantern, a free, digital source of guidance for navigating life before and after a death. It can be […]

Leap into some fun activities with your children to celebrate Feb. 29

February 29 is a pretty special day. After all, it only comes around once every four years. Here are some cute ideas for how you can celebrate Leap Day with your little one. Do a bit of research into what Leap Day is and why it happens. There are a lot of great resources online […]

What is Leap Day and why is it also known as Bachelor Day?

Most of us know that every four years the month of February gets an extra day in what’s commonly known as a Leap Year, but fewer of us may know exactly why. The Gregorian yearly calendar we follow contains 365 days, but it takes the Earth a little longer than that to make its way […]

Tips for attending live theater events with younger children

Is your child ready to attend a live performance? Central Penn Parent has seven tips for attending live theatre events with younger children. If you think your child is ready to attend a live theatrical performance, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a try, according to the experts. The folks at Encore Tickets and […]

Modeling healthy eating for kids

Watching cooking shows on TV is more than just mouthwatering entertainment. A recent study found that they can encourage healthier eating habits in children. The study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found that children who watched a 10-minute clip of a cooking show that featured healthy foods and was designed for […]

How to address safety concerns before playdates

A child asks for a playdate with a new friend. Seems innocent enough, but questions of stranger danger are leading some parents to skip getting new friends together. The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health asked a national sample of parents with kids ages 4-9 about their approach to playdate invitations. Of […]

Keeping your kids occupied while on a budget

Keeping your kids occupied throughout the winter months can be a challenge. Keeping your kids occupied on a budget can be extremely challenging. During the week, your kids are busy with school and don’t has much free time, but the weekends are different and kids are bound to reach the point of boredom more quickly. […]

A teenage parent’s guide to Valentine’s Day

As a general rule teenage emotions tend to swing extra low or extra high, from moment to moment. Emotionally charged and overly hyped holidays like Valentine’s Day can sometimes push teenage feelings into overdrive, according to the experts, but parents can help them to keep things in perspective. All humans have an innate desire to […]