5 fiscally-friendly budgeting tips for your family

What dads stress over

The responsibilities of fatherhood change over time. No longer solely the provider and disciplinarian, today’s fathers are much more hands-on but they’re feeling more stress, too. “Dads face continued pressure to be breadwinners, but also want — and are expected by their partners and society — to be involved in their children’s lives,” said family […]

How to teach your kids about money

Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused some uncertainty in the financial world and the effects will most likely be felt for years to come, now is a great time to teach your kids about money. As more and more people have embraced the idea of a cashless economy, discussing financial topics with your kids can […]

Meet Generation Alpha, who’s growing up now

Move over, millennials and Gen Z. The world is welcoming Generation Alpha, currently the youngest generation, born from 2010 to 2024. With brand influence and purchasing power beyond their years, Gen Alpha will shape the social media landscape as popular culture influencers and emerging consumers, said Ashley Fell, communications director for McCrindle, an Australian-based social […]

Working from home with the kids during the coronavirus crisis

This is a brave new world we are living in. Working from home has become the new normal for a majority of us during the coronavirus crisis. For parents like myself, this requires adjusting to parenting while working.  And with the virus spreading every day, it looks like our children may not return to brick […]

It’s time to teach your kids how to cook

Odds are, you’re spending more time in the kitchen lately. If you have children, this can be an ideal time to teach them a valuable skill that will stay with them for the rest of their lives: cooking. Here are some ideas and tips Toronto dietitian Leslie Beck recommends in The Globe and Mail. When […]

Get the whole family involved with at-home workouts

Families across the country are spending more time at home – and with each other. While it might be easy for the cabin fever to set in for the whole family, one way to break up your regular routine is to try at-home workouts you can do with your kids. Invite your kids to join […]

Grocery and take-out safety during COVID-19

With COVID-19 diagnoses on the rise, it’s more important than ever to follow stay-at-home orders and practice social distancing. Minimizing contact with others is the best way to reduce the spread of the virus. The fewer people who get sick, the fewer who will need to be hospitalized.  But what about when you do need […]

The history of dyeing Easter eggs and a few wacky ways to do it

Transforming everyday eggs into bright, colorful, sometimes speckled or glittery objects is one of spring’s great pleasures, even if you aren’t a kid. Although the most famous decorated eggs today might be the elaborate jeweled Fabergé eggs from Russian high society of the late 19th century, royals throughout Europe have been coating eggs in gold, […]