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Baby Shark (doo doo doo doo doo doo) will swim into Hershey Theatre this summer (access required)

Need your own math tutor? YouTube can help (access required)

If your child is struggling with math, or you’re struggling with your child’s math (who actually remembers geometry anymore?), we’ve got a solution for you. And, believe it or not, the solution is YouTube and a series of educational videos produced by a nonprofit organization, the Khan Academy. Khan Academy offers help in more subjects ...

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What you need to know when selecting a caregiver (access required)

There’s nothing simple about selecting a caregiver for your child, whether you need to stay late at work or you’re attempting to set up a long overdue date night with your spouse. Hopefully, these tips will give you a place to begin and a way to make this nerve-wracking task a little easier.  Ask for ...

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Family Time: Stay safe on the road for the holidays (access required)

During the holidays, millions of American families will be getting in their cars and hitting the highway in order to visit family and friends. While parents and children alike look forward to the excitement of spending time with loved ones, eating big family dinners and eventually opening presents, preparing to get from your home to ...

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Seeing chores as learning opportunities (access required)

Chores are responsibilities, but they’re also opportunities for kids to learn how to care for themselves, others and the home they live in. “Chores” may have a negative connotation, so it’s preferable for parents to reframe chores as performing routine tasks around the house or to help the family, which build skills and habits needed ...

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