19 online activities to keep kids educated and entertained all summer long

Learning and attention issues: A child’s invisible struggle

Suzanne Lang fondly remembers asking her then 5-year-old son, Alec, what he wanted to be for Halloween. “The king,” he said, beaming. So they went to the craft store and picked out red velvet and white fur for a cape. Lang made a scepter out of cardboard and spray-painted it gold. “When I put the […]

Easy ways to help your family eat well on a budget

How people approach a wholesome diet has changed dramatically over the decades. Today, many Americans see home cooking as an investment in health, but that leaves hurdles for many families who struggle with busy schedules and tight budgets. A few simple tips using frozen foods can help put any family on a path to healthier […]

Jen Deinlein: Imperfect summer offers some perfect opportunities

My oldest daughter heads back to school next week, so in homage to those old first-day-of-school essays, my first Mommy Blog will be about what we did (or didn’t do) on our summer vacation. Disclaimer: Time has sort of melted for me during the pandemic, so we probably did some of these things in the […]

Dorney Park to close early, Wildwater will remain closed until 2021

After a late opening because of the COVID-19 shutdown, Dorney Park will also be closing down earlier than normal. In a statement on its website, the park said it will close for the season on Labor Day, Sept. 7. While Labor Day is traditionally the end of the park’s main season, it usually continues operations […]

Cooking with kids creates lifelong memories

Preparing a family dinner doesn’t have to be a solo chore when there are helping hands nearby. Getting the kids involved in the kitchen not only teaches them valuable lessons, but it’s also an opportunity to create fun family memories with a few spills and messes along the way. “The dinner table is a great […]

Actions to take to prepare for in-person classes

Depending on where you live, your children might be returning to the classroom for in-person classes when school is back in session. While schools across the country will be taking extraordinary steps to keep students safe and healthy, there are a few ways families can help plan for their children to return to class, according […]

Bitsy McCann: We had no idea what we were missing

It is really awkward to be sitting here writing my first ever Mommy Blog. I’m not a writer by nature, and I certainly never thought I would one day be a mother. About 6, 7 or 8 years ago (I started to lose track of life events when I hit my early thirties), I had […]

How to salvage special back-to-school moments amid a pandemic

If you thought one semester of remote learning was unbearable, get ready for round two. As coronavirus cases continue to spike throughout the U.S., many schools and universities are taking the precaution of continuing virtual learning throughout the fall in order to ensure social distancing and limit the number of students on campus. The rules for […]

Ways to help your kids keep their rooms clean

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting your kids to keep their rooms clean might have felt like pulling teeth. Now months into the pandemic and stay-at-orders, you might feel all hope is lost when it comes to keeping your kids’ room clean. Here are a few ways to declutter your kids’ room and keep it […]

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