The benefits of child’s play extend beyond exercise

Talking about racism with your child

Don’t shy away from the topic of race because children will encounter it, sometimes even at school. “Continued education and engagement in conversations around race and white privilege are necessary in households of all races,” said Chrishane Cunningham, a postgraduate fellow at the Family Institute at Northwestern University. Children are not too young to learn about this “slippery […]

Still time to nominate for Family Favorites!

Do you have a favorite dentist? Day care provider or a favorite place to take the kids for some fun? Central Penn Parent is looking for your suggestions. The nomination portion of the annual Family Favorites reader rankings is now in its nomination stage. The top companies/individuals that get the most nominations in each category […]

Country Time launches bailout for kids’ lemonade stands

Here’s another “business” struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic: kids’ lemonade stands. According to lemonade brand Country Time, the popular summertime fixtures in neighborhoods across the nation are closed “due to social distancing guidelines.” So, Country Time has launched the “Littlest Bailout Relief Fund” to help put a “little juice back into the economy.” The brand owned by Kraft […]

Pennsylvania amusement parks and museums begin to open in July, but with restrictions

Fun is making a comeback in Pennsylvania. And Jeffrey Eisenberg heard the first rumblings of it Monday as he walked into work. He’s the director of marketing at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, a playground for kids – with 35 rides, entertainment, campgrounds and a water park, which opens this week for season pass holders and admits the public […]

When to introduce tech to children

If you’re a parent with a smartphone or tablet, it didn’t take long before your little one first reached for your shiny device. To your surprise — and theirs — learning how to swipe and tap objects to make them move on the screen came quickly and naturally. Oftentimes the challenge soon becomes how to […]

The benefits of child’s play extend beyond exercise

When you think about the most important part of a child’s school day, what comes to mind? Is it reading? Science? Math or history? What about recess? Children will likely mention recess as their favorite part of the day, and new research shows that this free time is actually a fundamental component to their future […]

Top tips to make the most of your family’s outdoor plans this summer

With the warm weather finally here and ready to stay, millions of Americans have come out of hibernation and are looking to breathe in the fresh summer air especially in the era of COVID-19. This year marks the centennial celebration of America’s National Parks and according to AAA, gas prices are at their lowest in 12 […]

Tips to keep kids healthy and hydrated in the summer heat

Americans love summertime and with good reason. It is the best time for outdoor fun and travel with family. Many people enjoy outdoor activities such as bicycling, kayaking and hiking, and kids are more active with sports. One thing to keep in mind when out and about in the summer heat is to stay properly […]

Help your kids stay connected with their friends during pandemic

It’s been long known that socializing for children is a crucial part of growing up, but during the COVID-19 pandemic lots of families have made the decision to keep their kids home and limit any social interactions with other kids. Social interaction can help young children to start to develop their sense of self and […]