When parents, grandparents don’t agree on childrearing choices

Money advice for expectant and new parents

New parents don’t always prepare for the expenses associated with having a baby. A survey by Redbook Magazine and Visa found that less than 50 percent of expectant parents create a new budget that includes baby expenses. And while 76 percent of parents-to-be felt financially prepared for a baby, after the tyke arrived, 41 percent […]

What COVID-19 could mean for flu season

Steps taken to safeguard against COVID-19 may lead to what some are calling a “twindemic,” referring to the flu season colliding with a pandemic. Making matters worse, many families delayed childhood vaccinations out of concern over visiting health care facilities during the pandemic, which could result in potential outbreaks of measles, whooping cough and other […]

Beth Montgomery: Quitting perfection can be quite perfect

I’m done trying to be the perfect mom Yup, I’m done, I quit. That load is way too heavy for me to carry, and I will never live up to the expectations. My own or someone else’s. Notice: I’m done trying to be the PERFECT mom.  She doesn’t exist. Seriously, hear me out. For way […]

Health emergencies and COVID-19

Avoiding medical care because of fears of contracting COVID-19 could mean the difference between life and death. For major medical issues such as heart attack and stroke, the benefits of quickly getting care are much, much higher, said Dr. B.J. Hicks, OhioHealth vascular neurologist and co-director of the Comprehensive Stroke Program at Riverside Methodist Hospital, […]

What if some of these COVID changes actually stick?

What if we learned some permanent lessons from the pandemic? I recently went to Target – something I’ve done far less frequently in the time of COVID-19 – and as I waited in line, I noticed an associate sanitizing the shopping carts.  And it struck me: Why couldn’t this be a regular thing? Extra sanitation […]

Allergies in kids and adults

While many people discover their allergies as children, adults are not immune from developing them. The immune system you’re born with can change over time, so while children can grow out of allergies, adults may experience first-time allergies. “Believe it or not, yes! It is possible for adults to develop seasonal allergies when they never […]

Dyslexia: What to do after a diagnosis

When a child is struggling in school, a diagnosis of dyslexia can be a sign of hope. “Believe it or not, the first piece of advice is to be grateful. Having a name for the reason a child is struggling is an important first step to getting services and support,” said Sheldon H. Horowitz, senior […]

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