How to nurture a trauma-free environment

Three cheers for the coaches

We recently wrapped up another spring sports season in which both of my girls played two sports at one time, and while I am exhausted, I find myself with an ache in my heart

Too tired to move

As a parent I don’t often think of the level of activity I have to maintain to keep our little world humming along until my bones begin to ache from sheer exhaustion. 

How to nurture a trauma-free environment

As a parent, I believe that one of my primary goals in my life is to raise an emotionally resilient child who can navigate life's challenges with both confidence and adaptability.

The other Mother’s Day gift guide

All jokes aside, why is it that whenever anyone asks me what I want for my birthday/Christmas/Mother’s Day, I can never think of anything? Or more to the point, anything realistic? 

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