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Get kids reading to avoid the ‘summer slide’ (access required)

Tashia James: I want my son to be seen for his kind character

After a lifetime of forgetting to feed fish, failing to water plants, and returning infants their caretakers the moment they cried or soiled their diapers, I was positive motherhood was not going to be a part of my story.  The universe had a different plan for me at age of 24 when my son arrived ...

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Money lessons for kids of all ages (access required)

Finances have been on a lot of people’s minds since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. While adults have more complex financial issues to worry about, teaching kids the basics of personal finance early and throughout their educational careers carries tangible benefits into their adult lives. Here are five money lessons for kids of all ...

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Getting kids outdoors good for eye health (access required)

With the amount of time children will be spending indoors and in front of a screen as the new school year begins, parents should be paying attention to their children’s eye health. On the rise since the 1970s, myopia or nearsightedness, is a vision condition in which people can see close objects clearly, but objects ...

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Being Sober in A “Wine-Mom” Culture

There’s something about a drink that just feels right during certain situations: girls’ night out, an event, first dates, after a long day of work and parenting teens in the middle of a pandemic. It just FEELS right. It felt right. Until it didn’t anymore.  Now, I’ve been wanting to get sober for a long ...

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