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Dorney Park to close early, Wildwater will remain closed until 2021 (access required)

Indoor physical activities to keep kids’ energy up (access required)

As the days get shorter and the weather begins to cool, the options for kids to play outside is quickly dwindling. Already dealing with keeping kids moving during the COVID-19 pandemic, getting kids the recommended 60 minutes of activity per day by the American Academy of Pediatrics can be tough. No matter the weather or ...

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Bitsy McCann: Why not ‘Mama?”

My kid won’t say mama. It’s rude, right? I carried her for nine-plus months, experienced extreme everything, changed my diet drastically (gestational diabetes, y’all), and suffered a migraine in my third trimester so intense I thought I was having a stroke. I forgot how to form words. Have you ever tried to call 911, and ...

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Books to help explain the 2020 elections to kids (access required)

School-aged children might not be eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential election, but the November elections can provide many opportunities to teach kids about how the U.S. government works. Through the election process, kids can learn about civics, the electoral process, current events, the historical context and campaign politics. Because of the presidential election, ...

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