Capital BlueCross releases free mental wellness toolkit

Ioannis Pashakis//March 3, 2021

Capital BlueCross releases free mental wellness toolkit

Ioannis Pashakis//March 3, 2021


Employers with health care coverage through Capital BlueCross now have access to a suite of mental health resources through the Harrisburg-based insurer’s new mental wellness toolkit.

Capital BlueCross announced on Wednesday that it is offering a free toolkit to help employers address mental wellness issues in the workplace.

The toolkit is downloadable through Capital BlueCross’ website and offers 50 customizable communications that can be used to engage employees both online and in-person. Employers with Capital BlueCross coverage will have access to the entire toolkit while those without access will see a portion of it.

Todd Shamash, president and CEO of Capital BlueCross, said that there continues to be a reluctance for individuals to seek help for mental health issues.

“The stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic only underscore the need to proactively help address mental wellness issues that impact so many of our friends, family, coworkers and members of our communities,” he said.

Through the communications in the toolkit, Capital BlueCross expects businesses to be able to promote a constructive dialogue about mental wellness issues, educate employees on available services and erode the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Shamash said that he toolkit is part of a strategic decision by the company to help employers tackle mental wellness issues among employees before it impacts the workplace.

“Struggles with stress, anxiety or depression can sometimes be reflected in employee morale, absenteeism or productivity,” Shamash said. “If we can create a productive, ongoing discussion in the workplace around mental wellness, maybe we can help people recognize problems and seek help faster.”