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Bill McPhee

Bill McPhee

President & CEO


McPhee is responsible for achieving the company’s vision of eliminating blindness caused by AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration). This requires raising and deploying capital, committing to continued technology development, as well as finding the best talent and providing an environment where employees flourish.

He sat on the MacuLogix board for two years before transitioning into his current role, which he’s held for five years and counting.

The pride McPhee feels about the rapid adoption of the company’s technology isn’t a direct result of something he, alone, achieved. “I simply built a first-class team that, in turn, revolutionized how to find and monitor the leading cause of blindness in the US. My pride is a gift made possible by my team’s progress,” he said.

Humility has been crucial to his personal success. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know. Plans crumble, markets behave unexpectedly, and pandemics hit hard. We can’t always predict these blows. The secret is to not let them break you. Learn from what you couldn’t see before and rebound. Likewise, if everything was already good enough, there would be no innovation,” McPhee said.

For McPhee, work is fun. “I like building stuff—especially stuff that improves public health and quality of life.

The AdaptDx {a device developed by MacuLogix to test patients for AMD} helps doctors detect and manage AMD before the disease destroys lives. Anything I can do to forward that cause brings me joy. And when I’m not working, I enjoy downhill skiing and spoiling my daughters,” he said.

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