Beth Montgomery: The (Not So) Scary Truth About Being A Sober Mom; A Continuation

Beth Montgomery//October 26, 2020

Beth Montgomery: The (Not So) Scary Truth About Being A Sober Mom; A Continuation

Beth Montgomery//October 26, 2020

I had my last drink on July 11th, 2020, smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic while most of my peers had an increase in their alcohol consumption. Since it’s “Sober October,” I thought it would be appropriate to follow up with a continuation of that first sober article I wrote in August, which you can read here: http://www.centralpennparent.com/2020/being-sober-in-a-wine-mom-culture/

Since this summer, I have been asked if I was crazy for quitting at such a time. Maybe I am. I mean, it is a terrifying thought for many. Drinking is a way to escape and helps you forget the frustrations of the day – ESPECIALLY during a pandemic! But I doubted my decision waaaaay before that night in July, and since becoming sober, there have been some scary realizations. 

Scary Realization #1: I don’t drink, anymore. 

Sobering Truth: As scary as the thought was to be sober (even if it was just for a month), I knew my drinking needed to be examined. My aspirations and path were too cloudy for my liking, and it didn’t align with how I envisioned myself in the future. Alcohol is a toxin and literally wreaks havoc in the mind and body. A simple Google search will bring up countless articles to sift through. Now that I’m over 100 days in this new lifestyle, it has me FEELING good and appreciating early mornings again. Simply put… I don’t want to drink anymore. 

Scary Realization #2: Taking away the drink left a void. 

Sobering Truth: Life can be overwhelming. When I quit drinking, I noticed there was a huge void to fill, and I couldn’t use my normal outlet for escape. Well, how do I cope now? I’ve picked up the (digital) pen and started writing on my SingleParentsProject.com blog daily. I started exploring new hobbies that involve like-minded people. I’ve even gotten back into TikTok-in’. I’m learning who I am all over again and it’s a beautiful thing. This world is a wonderfully diverse place with countless pockets of joy, it all depends on what I choose to focus on.

Scary Realization #3: FEELINGS.

Sobering Truth: Ohhhh, all the feels on the feeling wheel. When I put away the escape outlet, I put away the mask and numbing powers that came with it as well. I could be laughing and the very next minute I’m crying. Then angry, anxious, or depressed. All within a 5-minute timespan. Here’s the down-low: I covered up many things when I escaped them so I’m bound to experience them in one way or another. The best way to get better is to, well, experience them. Sure, some days are bad, but according to my journal and others who shared their experiences with me, most days are good (or “meh” as I affectionately refer to as a “normal level feeling” day). I know without a shadow of doubt, those “bad” moments will pass. Always. 

Even though I’ve had other realizations, these three have been the most impactful in my over 100 days sober. I’ve always wanted to participate in a “Sober October” and now, I can say that I have. If I’m truthful, it’s not as scary as I thought it would be and I’m actually looking forward to “Dry November.”

My last Sobering Truth thought on this continuation article is life is way too short to spend anymore time under the influence only to miss out on any experience life has to offer. 

If you’re struggling or would like to join me in “Dry November,” reach out! I’m on Facebook, Instagram or shoot me a message at https://singleparentsproject.com/contact. I promise, it’s not that scary.

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