Lenders brace for more federal oversight

Local banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders could be
playing on a dramatically different field by the end of this year. Federal
lawmakers are scrambling to revise mortgage-lending rules and, more
ambitiously, reinvent the federal bureaucracy dealing with financial services.

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Five tech firms to watch

Central Pennsylvania has hundreds of young technology companies,
each trying to be the next Microsoft, Apple or PestPatrol. Some are
reshaping the way we entertain ourselves on our lunch hour. Others are
creating new support systems for medical research. The list of who's
hot and who's not shifts every year, so forecasting can be tricky. Here
are our picks of five young technology companies that appear headed for
more success. We list them chronologically, starting with the newest.

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Digital literature

Railway Age magazine has been published since 1856, making
it one of the oldest trade publications in the country. But technology from a
five-year-old Lancaster
County company is giving
the rail-industry journal a new look - one that brings more ad revenue, more
flexibility and, hopefully, a few more readers.

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