Letter: Fight for consolidation

Members of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public
Accountants (PICPA) applaud the 41 Pennsylvania senators who voted to
streamline the collection and disbursement of local earned income tax (EIT)
with the passage of Senate Bill 1063. PICPA members have worked with
legislators for many years to develop this legislation.

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Television’s talking heads probably got it wrong - once again

Dear Mr. Berko: I 
listened to several economists on TV discussing the economy and the
Federal Reserve System. They concluded that the U.S. will have a national debt
this year of less than $325 billion and that the economy in the second half of
this year will move ahead strongly, due to the $1,200 per family cash infusion.
And they suggested this would be good for the stock market, the housing market

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Sound Off

Last week's question:

Do you think Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed's plan to
lease a big piece of the city's parking to a private company for a one-time
upfront sum of $215 million will solve the city's budget problems? Why or why

YES - 57 percent
NO - 43 percent

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