Editorial: Parking deal revisited

Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed's proposal to lease the city's
parking garages was a bold, fiscally sound idea. But the actual lease agreement
needs a closer look. It appeared there should have been more bids considered.
And the only review was by a consultant who would be paid only if a deal is

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Op-ed: How to earn interest rather than pay it

lawmakers have the unique opportunity to allow taxpayers to earn interest
rather than pay it. On May 19, Gov. Ed Rendell announced that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania could receive an upfront
payment of $12.8 billion from an experienced team of investors and operators in
return for a 75-year lease of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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Television’s talking heads probably got it wrong - once again

Dear Mr. Berko: I 
listened to several economists on TV discussing the economy and the
Federal Reserve System. They concluded that the U.S. will have a national debt
this year of less than $325 billion and that the economy in the second half of
this year will move ahead strongly, due to the $1,200 per family cash infusion.
And they suggested this would be good for the stock market, the housing market

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