In brief: Fast cash: Automated teller machines

The first cash dispenser debuted in Long Island, N.Y., in 1969. Two
years later, the first multi-function automated teller machine went
into use in Atlanta.
Fast-forward to fast cash in 2007. People in
the U.S. made 14.9 billion transactions on the 415,321 ATMs last year,
up from 10.7 billion transactions on 139,134 ATMs in 1996.

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Economic review: Today’s economic situation is clear as mud

Another month, and the economic situation is still
uncertain. In May, oil charged toward $140 a barrel, gasoline prices hit $4 a
gallon, and the unemployment rate spiked. At the same time, retailers indicated
that consumers actually may be spending money, and the housing market showed
the first signs of finding a bottom. With data like this, economists need a
crystal ball - not an economic model - to figure out where things are going.

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