Parking union: We were lied to

The partners who want to lease Harrisburg's parking garages made a forceful
case in a three-and-a-half-hour meeting with the City Council last night, but
the immediate decision makers were not sitting in front of them.

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Sound Off

Last week's question: Do you expect your health insurance
costs to go up by 10 percent or more in the next year?

YES - 78 percent
NO - 22 percent

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Cheaper oil, not the rebate, would grease the economy’s skids

Dear Mr. Berko: Our investment club would like to know what
effect the economic-stimulus rebate will have on our economy over the next 12
months. It just doesn't seem logical to me that the Federal Reserve System
would release $150 billion and expect the economy to recover. While I'm certain
it will stimulate the economy, some of us think the effect won't be enough; and
to work successfully, the Fed would have to drop $1,200 per family about every
six months to make it work.

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