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Last week's question:
Has your company cut back on marketing during tough economic
times? Why or why not?

NO - 67 percent
YES - 33 percent

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BLOG UPDATE: Capital Domes

Hope for me, but not for thee

It seems Washington, D.C., is atwitter over President-elect
Barack Obama's first major decision. No, it's not which cabinet post
Hillary will get. He and Michelle are deliberating over which of the
Capitol's posh private schools (Georgetown Day School, Maret and
Sidwell Friends) their daughters, Malia and Sasha, should attend.

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BLOG UPDATE: Capital Domes

What is a bank?

Most people (including myself) foolishly believed the
definition of a bank was "An establishment in which money is kept for
saving or commercial purposes, or is invested, supplied for loans, or
exchanged." But that would be an outdated description, and like BCS
polling, flimsier definitions have moved up in popular vernacular.

bank is now, "A steep natural incline" or "An artificial embankment" or

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BLOG UPDATE: the gadget cube

Wi-Fi in your car. Now you can work all the time!

This could be good news or bad news, depending on how much of a workaholic you are or how much you like to disconnect from work.

I say: The more Wi-Fi, the better.

news is that a California company called Autonet Mobile is partnering
with Chrysler and other companies to sell a monthly service that gets
you Wi-Fi for your car, reports Wall Street Journal technology writer

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