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Good news in 2020? Yes, it’s true! Here are 100 positive things that happened this year

Well, that was brutal. But believe it or not, 2020 wasn’t all bad. Halfway through this downer of a year, we published a list of 100 positive things that had happened so far, despite a raging worldwide pandemic, a country upended by a fight for racial equality, a divisive election and the loss of beloved celebrities. Sadly, the second half of the year ...

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Time-saving tips so parents can have a little break after a long year

You wake up before the sun rises to shower and get ready for the day. Soon you hear the patter of tiny feet upstairs. You get breakfast ready for your little ones and then get them dressed. Between packing bags and preparing lunches, you barely have time to grab breakfast for yourself. You rush out the door just in time ...

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How to protect against all sorts of winter viruses

Welcome to the germiest time of the year, when it’s time to protect yourself and family from cold, flu and COVID-19, all contagious viruses. It’s not possible to avoid getting sick entirely, but you can lessen your likeli-hood and prevent serious symptoms, said pharmacist and healthy living expert Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams. Since the pandemic began, lots of things have changed, Leslie-Williams ...

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PA Biz Conversations with Anne Carnathan

Anne Carnathan, president and CEO of Universal Media-Analytics talks about leading the Mechanicsburg-based media placement agency, how advertising has changed in her time with the organization and how she and her team balance traditional and modern media for clients.

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2020 underscores the importance of good leadership

The madness of this year, 2020, has revealed an acute need for leadership.  Great leaders recognize that certain leadership qualities are being tested now like never before, and the strength of the following qualities will have extraordinary impact far beyond the direct setting in which one currently leads:

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