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Author Archives: Tashia James

Time to Unplug and Reset

The little boy that used to beg me to take him to the playground every day is now a moody teenager who is completely obsessed with technology. Lately he would rather spend his time on his phone or playing video games.  

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Staying connected

It goes without saying that parenting can be exhausting, nerve-wrecking and challenging from time to time. There are also moments where parenting is joyous, filled with laughter and just plain fun.

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Modeling a strong work ethic

Things I wish I’d known sooner about parenting an ADHD child

Whether we realize it or not, our children take their cues from us, their parents. If we are curious, our children will be interested in the world around them. If we have fun trying new things, so will they.

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Learning to share my son

Being a single parent can be extremely difficult and the challenges change with the age of your child. When my son was younger, I struggled with finding quality childcare while I worked. As he has gotten older, I have struggled with getting him to his activities on time and keeping up with his social schedule. Now I am struggling with ...

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