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Author Archives: Leslie Penkunas

5 tips to get kids to eat more veggies (access required)

Although parents know the nutritional benefits of their kids eating more vegetables, getting them to eat those vegetables on a regular basis can be challenging.

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Their safe space (access required)

No one warned me that this meltdown would repeat itself every year, only instead of occurring only in the hour after school, it would shift itself to the morning routine.

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Why Meghan Markle admitting she is not OK went viral (access required)

I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop thinking about the look in her eyes, about how she tried to give a name for all of this vulnerability you feel as a new mother, about the way she nodded when Bradby asked her if it’s been a struggle. Continue reading.

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AAP reports significant gaps in safe infant sleep practices (access required)

The report looked at the use of four safe sleep practices — having infants sleep on their backs, using separate, firm sleep surfaces, not using soft bedding in the infant’s crib, and placing the crib in the same room with caregivers.

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Hilary Duff struggles with her son’s homework: “I stopped going to real school in 3rd grade” (access required)

Like most parents, the mom of two finds herself helping her 7-year-old with his second-grade homework. However, Duff’s upbringing as a child actor left her with an unconventional school system that made helping him a bit harder. Continue reading.

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