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Author Archives: Leslie Penkunas

Brace for summer break with a plan in place (access required)

How to find the sweet spot of a summer that lets everyone recharge their batteries? Start by preparing for the sudden changes that accompany summer vacation.

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Spring Sports Fever (access required)

The thing about kids’ sports today is that there’s no room for dalliance.

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In defense of home birth (access required)

Maybe one day soon a woman simply choosing to have her baby in the place that feels safest to her will be met with a nod and a smile rather than a global temper tantrum. Continue reading.

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Why surveillance is the climate change of the Internet (access required)

Cayla is a doll with long hair, a tiny denim jacket, and little pink shoes. She also comes with a microphone, a Bluetooth app, and built-in voice-recognition technology. Continue reading.

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