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Author Archives: Leslie Penkunas

A bookworm mom’s worst nightmare (access required)

My parents thoughtfully saved my childhood copy of The Monster at the End of the Book for 30 years so I could share the joy of it with my children someday. My daughter destroyed it inside of three minutes. Continue reading.

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5 tips for reducing parental anxiety (access required)

As parents, we seem naturally gifted in the art of worry. We worry about our children's safety and overall well-being. We fear they’re sad or feeling hurt socially. The list goes on.

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Psychedelic parenting: The sad new trend of microdosing moms (access required)

The disconnect between what we’re seeing from other smiling happy families online and what we’re actually experiencing makes us want to improve our own parenting skills — making quick fixes like microdosing so appealing. Continue reading.

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