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Author Archives: Leslie Penkunas

Instagram’s new ‘restrict’ feature blocks bullies without them knowing (access required)

Bullying has long been an issue for the photo-sharing app, particularly as it’s grown more and more popular with teens. A 2017 report found bullying was much more prevalent on Instagram than on Facebook, where people are required to use their real names, or on Snapchat, which is geared more toward private conversations. Continue reading.

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Today’s Jill Martin reveals the struggles she faced becoming a stepmom (access required)

The Today lifestyle contributor, 43, said her soon-to-be stepdaughter, Bella, wasn’t exactly thrilled when she first joined the family. In fact, on their first vacation together, the 11-year-old was quite literally ready to send Martin packing. Continue reading.

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To my wife (access required)

Life now is a deluge of work, trips, baseball, whose socks are on the floor, and whose underwear got in the wrong drawer; but this is not our life. These are just moments that happen in it.

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Free 4-H food camp offered for kids ages 8-18 (access required)

Kids will learn kitchen skills, food safety and nutrition; additionally, they'll get to make three different recipes, participate in contests, engage in hands-on demonstrations and compete for the best dish

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Successful mental health interventions for teens (access required)

The study authors found that interpersonal skills training, emotional regulation and alcohol and drug education were successful across a range of mental health issues.

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These are the top 10 most-played Disney songs on Spotify (access required)

While audiences are coming out in droves to movie theaters to see live-action remakes and new properties alike, they’re also getting their Disney cravings filled another way: by streaming the soundtracks on Spotify. Continue reading.

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