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Author Archives: admincpp

Card envy (access required)

How do you people do it? You type holiday letters and you send out beautiful picture cards emblazoned with family collages—each one perfectly timed to arrive in my mailbox before Christmas...

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Lincoln (access required)

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the few actors who can pull off a movie that consists mainly of talking, and it’s because he so fully disappears into his characters...

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Sock or Sweater Snowman (access required)

We all have an abandoned sock (or two) without its matching twin. Take the sock (or a sweater) and turn it into a fun and friendly snowman to add to your winter holiday decorations...

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Potty panic (access required)

After the turkey was demolished and everyone took their naps (even the dog), my wife and I decided we were going to venture into the world on Black Friday...

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