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A puzzling New Year’s diet (access required)

We hope your new year is going better than ours. After a rewarding 2012 filled with napping, watching the world outside our windows and making new friends through our blog, we expected 2013 to be much the same. Then, in the first week of January, everything went wrong...

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Should we extend the school day? (access required)

School children in five states (Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee) started the New Year with a longer school day. Before Christmas it was announced that schools in those five states will participate in a pilot program to determine if extending the school day will elevate student achievement...

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Dads’ makeover? (access required)

Central Penn Parent has frequently worked with sponsors to offer a local mother a makeover. The other day, I mentioned to a few people that I think someone should do a Dad’s Makeover. The reaction was a bit one-sided...

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