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Author Archives: admincpp

The car line bully (access required)

To the hyper-aggressive dude in the blue Toyota truck: I’m so sorry you were late dropping off your daughter at Hershey Elementary this morning. You seemed to be in quite a hurry!

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Five ways to teach money management (access required)

Assuming I might not be the only parent who’d like to load her iPhone with something that will give her children lifelong skills, not just a penchant for squashing dopey green pig heads, I’ve come up with a list of apps and websites focused on money management for small children...

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The monster in my closet (access required)

I know the sound each door in the house makes. The downside of this particular closet is it contains tissue paper (MY FAVORITE!) and the One-Tailed, One-Mouthed Rolling Purple Kitten Eater...

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Blessed are the cheese makers (access required)

A few weeks ago, I received a cheese-making kit as a gift. I’ve often said, I wouldn’t want to live in a world without cheese, so in case there’s a worldwide shortage of this, my favorite yummy, I am now equipped to make it myself...

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Me, exercise? (access required)

I’ll admit it. I am a couch potato. After a long day, there is nothing more appealing to me then lying in the recliner under a blanket with my dog next to me. But now my desires are starting to bite me in my considerable behind...

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