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Author Archives: Garry Lenton

Are they still around? Recalling brands that lost their luster

Often a brand can outlive its actual company. People will still remember it long after it’s off the shelves. Brim coffee, Underalls pantyhose and Eagle Snacks come to mind. But what of the opposite? What brands have been largely dismissed as gone but actually live on? Here are a few that might surprise you. Blackberry mobile phones. Only 15 years ...

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Get out your confetti, here’s some good economic news

  I’ve got some good news for you. After a year like the last, I know that just a smidgen of good news sounds awfully tantalizing, so let’s cut right to it: The yield on the 10-year bond has been increasing. You’ve probably got some confetti in your desk drawer (who doesn’t, right?) so take a moment to toss some ...

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