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Guest view: Let umbrella insurance be your umbrella

ob Dietzel, co-founder and principal of KMRD Partners, Inc. (Photo: Submitted)

If insurance coverage for small businesses could be compared to a relay race, your liability policy would begin the race and your umbrella policy would finish it. Or, using baseball as our sports analogy, the business liability policy would be the starter and the umbrella policy would be the closer. Here’s why: A company’s business liability policy outlines the maximum ...

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Guest view: True purpose is more than personal passion

As parents, teachers or coaches, we are often telling those we are entrusted with to ‘pursue your passion.’ This sounds noble because we don’t want to be telling them to go out and get a job where, as long as it makes good money, it doesn’t really matter how miserable you feel. But I think we’ve mislabeled what we were really trying to say.

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A Conversation With: Timothy Miller

Timothy Miller, 55, joined Enola-based Dawood Engineering as director of energy services in June 2018. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field, most recently serving as director of oil and gas Appalachian Basin water management services for a large international engineering consulting firm.

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