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Author Archives: Bitsy McCann

I was drinking too much, and it was time for a change

Life doesn’t stop because you don’t have the bandwidth for it. Sometimes, you need to shut down for a bit.  After struggling with too many emotions for too long, I recently had a little shut down. Maybe it was a big shut down, and unfortunately, it went on for too long. It wasn’t healthy – I wasn’t healthy – and ...

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Digital wellness for kids

As someone who has their toddler on a one-hour-a-day-or-less screentime policy, I didn’t think I would find much helpful information inside, that it would be geared more toward older kids.  Boy, was I wrong. 

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Do managed expectations work on kids? It does for me!

The key to limited meltdowns is obnoxious over-explanation. I swear that this is the entire reason my kid is so well behaved. I am not a psychologist or a geneticist, but for myself, managed expectations are the reason for my emotional chill. I am convinced that also applies to little people.   Nearly all of my family is back in the Midwest. ...

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Moving with a toddler

Like every other mother out there, my kiddo amazes me constantly. It’s not even that she’s doing anything special (she’s just a toddler after all), but she looks at the world in this magical way with eyes that are new and fresh and inquisitive of everything around her.

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