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Author Archives: Ana Mrdalj

Chambersburg Kmart among group of stores set to close

Fewer Sears and Kmart stores will be open by the end of January 2020, according to numerous media reports. The Wall Street Journal reported that TransformCo. (the name of the brands’ new parent company) either will close or has closed about a quarter of the 425 Sears and Kmart stores it bought out of bankruptcy last year because of poor performance.

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Bernie Sanders unveils plan to raise corporate tax rate to 35% and ban stock buybacks

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders introduced a plan on Monday that would reverse President Donald Trump’s tax cuts for businesses and return the corporate tax rate to 35% from its current 21%. The Corporate Accountability and Democracy Plan would also eliminate many of the tax breaks and loopholes in the tax code and do away with off-shore tax havens.

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Chick-fil-A continues its international expansion with its first location in the UK

The chicken chain opened its first restaurant in the U.K. on Thursday, continuing its international expansion. The new opening is a continuation of the chicken chain’s international expansion. In 2018, Chick-fil-A announced its plan to open its first international location in Toronto. The company said at the time it planned to open at least 15 restaurants in the greater Toronto area in the next five years.

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Feds drop review of Fulton Financial lending practices

Fulton Financial said that a four-year federal review of “possible discriminatory lending” by itself and its Fulton Bank has ended with no enforcement action taken. Lancaster-based Fulton Financial announced the conclusion of the review by the U.S. Department of Justice with a one-sentence filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

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