Author enjoys helping others create, reach their goals

//September 11, 2015

Author enjoys helping others create, reach their goals

//September 11, 2015

“Part of my dream is to help anyone in the arts,” she said.

Harrison self-published “Poems from the Village” this year. The 86-page book is a compilation of her work, much of which was created as she mourned the deaths of her sister and her nephew.

The author believes her mindset is evident in each poem.

“It’s just something I really started pouring my heart and soul into — writing,” said Harrison, who works as an accounting manager at Community First Fund.

The first featured poem, “Writers,” is based on a conversation she had with a career coach.

“I could work for 100 years as an accountant … but it’s a joy to help other young people create and reach their goals,” she said, saying she likes to tap into the nurturing part of her personality.

For Harrison, a Lancaster County resident, the self-publishing process through Xlibris went smoothly and quickly after she encountered resistance from traditional publishers. Her efforts at self-promotion have exposed her to aspiring writers and authors in their late teens and early 20s.

Harrison has met illustrator Brooklyn Deramos, short-story author Stephanie Guzman and other poets through the book. She enjoys meeting people at readings.

“To me, that’s where all the bright ideas and energy are,” Harrison said.

“Poems from the Village” can be found online at www.xlibris.com, www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com