Anesthesiologist tops list of highest-paid jobs in PA

Time will tell whether Pennsylvania tilts red or blue in the coming presidential election, but there’s no doubt who’s No. 1 in another contest: What job pays the most in the Keystone State.

Anesthesiologists earn an average of $258,610 per year, making it the highest-paying profession in the state.

That’s according to the California career site Zippia, which ranked Pennsylvania’s 100 best-paying jobs based on information it gathered from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The others in the top five, and their average salary, are: orthodontists, $245,140; obstetricians and gynecologists, $222,530; family and general practitioners, $205,319; and surgeons, $203,350.

Non-medical professions begin to crack the list in sixth place, with chief executives earning an average of $199,920, according to Zippia.

All of the others in the top 10 are medical-related fields, the career site said.

“Seeing as how minimum-wage jobs (and pay gaps) are being discussed, we wanted to lend some perspective on what types of jobs are the top for the Keystone State,” Zippia spokesperson Kristy Crane explained.

The site looked at labor bureau data for all 764 job classifications in Pennsylvania to identify those that earn the most, Zippia marketing head Chris Kolmar said.

The 100 highest-paying professions in Pennsylvania are listed here.

David O'Connor
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