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Allison Beam

Allison Beam

Acting Secretary of Health

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Secretary of Health advises the Governor on policy relating to all public-health and medical issues, while leading the agency of over 1,100 colleagues to implement public health education and interventions. The secretary protects the health of Pennsylvanians and determines and employs disease prevention strategies, most recently demonstrated through the COVID-19 response.

Beam has held the position for 10 months (since January 2021). Before becoming Acting Secretary, she served as the Governor’s Office Deputy Chief of Staff helping the state Department of Health.

Beam said contributing to and enabling Pennsylvanians to live healthier lives is the most humbling accomplishment of my professional career. “Whether it is through making health care access more affordable through a health insurance marketplace, highlighting the need for vulnerable populations to have advocates within state government, or the life-saving response to the COVID-19 global pandemic,” she said.

Her most important life lesson: Recognize that there are circumstances that will require great discipline from you, but never forget to afford yourself grace. Get comfortable in a constant state of fluctuating between grace and discipline, and have the wisdom to know which the moment calls for.

Finding and listening to new musical artists is one Beam’s favorite creative outlets, along with exploring the outdoors.

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