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Alisa Jones, MPH

Alisa Jones, MPH

President & CEO

Union Community Care

The purpose of Jones’ position is to guide operational alignment, strategic planning, leadership development, and resource development to move Union Community Care forward in our mission to spark equity through patient-led healthcare that welcomes and strengthens our communities by integrating body, mind, and heart.

She has been serving Union Community Care and its communities for just over 2 years. A professional accomplishment that makes her proud: “What first comes to mind is how Union Community Care addressed the COVID-19 pandemic from the very beginning, with a laser focus on healthcare access, barriers, and need. Equally important, Union Community Care continues to grow and strengthen accessible and equitable healthcare for our communities,” Jones said.

The most important life lesson she’s learned is the meaning behind her actions, her work, and her intentions. “If I keep the meaning behind what I do clear and clean, then the actions that follow will be aligned with my higher purpose,” she said. Jones loves kayaking and hiking local trails. “Lancaster and Lebanon Counties have so much outdoor beauty to enjoy! Finding nearby gems to explore helps me to recharge and keeps my cup filled,” she said.

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