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A valentine for my husband

Thank you, Kevin. 

My life would not be what it is without you. I would not be who I am without you.  

When we  were underage and made out at that party, and I laughed about it (in your face) the next day, I never would have thought that 16 years would have gone by in the blink of an eye. 

But it has.  

It’s been beautiful and joyful – and an incredible struggle some years.  

We have had some really hard times, haven’t we? We’ve lost ourselves. We’ve lost each other. There were times I couldn’t find you. You were buried deep underneath someone I didn’t recognize. Someone I didn’t even like. 

But I am so glad we decided to hang in there.  

I am so glad that we decided to try.  

To do the work. To devote everything we had into keeping our relationship intact.  

We still struggle with bad habits (me), with past trauma (you), and with accepting the things we cannot change, but we are still out here every day doing our best to improve who we are. 

I do not know if this would have happened to the extent it has without our daughter. 

We had already been mending the rips and tears. We were working on being better partners to each other, and most importantly, we were working on being better to ourselves. When we found out we were pregnant, it was like the floodgates burst open. 

In those months of pregnancy, how over-the-top was our communication? There were so many dysfunctional things about us as individuals and as a unit that we needed to work through. 

And we did. And we still do. 

I love you so much. It’s hard to put into words sometimes. You make my life better in immeasurable ways. Except when you talk about stocks 

I love who you are with our daughter. You’re so patient and understanding. You make her laugh and teach her about life. You take her on adventures and explore the world together.  

Her brightness, her intelligence, her magic – it’s all because of you.  

Thank you for offering to care for her so that I can continue to run my business. Thank you for encouraging me to start it in the first place.  

This life that we have would not be what it is without your unwavering support. Honestly, it’s amazing what we have accomplished in the past three and a half years. 

We have done it together. 

Even though flying ended years before Coraline came, I know that it’s hard for you to not be following your dream career. I know that it’s difficult to not be doing aviation. You were an amazing pilot. I’m so happy you see that now, and I’m so sorry for how it all shook out.  

I see all your sacrifice. I see how hard it is. I feel your struggles to my core. 

But please know, there is not a single second that goes by in my day where I am not immeasurably grateful for you. Your sacrifices are ensuring that our daughter will grow up to be a phenomenal member of this society, even if she’s rude and awful to us for all of her teen years. 

You are the reason this family works. You are the reason our kid doesn’t suck. You are the reason that we are lucky enough to live the life that we do. 

Thank you, Kevin.  

I am lucky to love you. 



Bitsy McCann
Bitsy McCann owns a boutique graphic design firm in Harrisburg, PA, performs original music all around Central PA, officiates one-of-a-kind weddings, and spends most of her free time obsessing over her husband and toddler. She would absolutely welcome your thoughts and commentary - send her a message on either LinkedIn or Facebook

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