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A Conversation with Sam Coyl

Sam Coyl is president of Netrepid. - (Photo / Stuart Leask)

Sam Coyl is president of Netrepid. In the military, he did research and development for tactical communications systems such as Wi-Fi and ASC11. He worked in the Silicon Valley before bringing his knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to Central Pennsylvania.

Q: What unique or unusual services are offered by Netrepid?

A: Our most unique element is the fact that we combine virtual cloud and traditional IT services. Most of the companies out there specialize in one or the other. But, because of our backgrounds and the level of IT knowledge we have to have to run the data center, we are able to provide clients with more of a hybrid solution rather than all or nothing.

How does Netrepid stay on the cutting edge of innovations?

We actually talk about that constantly. We have to have current training and current certifications, so everyone on our team has an outlined training path for professional development, whether it’s Microsoft, Citrix, ITIL or any of those paths, depending what their role is in the company. Everyone has a training path and expectation they’re going to pass certain certification tests.

For instance, our IT team, the engineers who work on all this, have the expectation they can pass at least one major test every quarter, which is aggressive, but our team is able to pull it off. That helps us keep up-to-date with what the current technologies are, the current trends.

Our partnerships with the manufacturers also allow us to have access to software and solutions much sooner than the general public.

What are the most common requests you are hearing from clients right now?

One of the big advantages from a sales perspective is everyone needs IT. In some form or fashion, you need a server, you need email, you need a website. There are certain things you need regardless what type of industry you are in or the size of your company.

We’ve found that certain geographies are adopting certain technology differently. For instance, Baltimore, D.C. and even parts of New York are really using a lot of the hosted-desktop solutions, so a virtual desktop instead of having all your software loaded on your machine.

In Central Pennsylvania, a lot of the technology around here is in stagnant form because people weren’t sure where the economy was going, weren’t sure whether business growth was going to occur. Now, they’re at a point where a lot of those companies have to upgrade. Those upgrades are more basic, like going to a hosted-exchange environment. A lot of them are looking at rolling out SharePoint for collaboration. A lot of them are moving their infrastructures that might be older and ready to upgrade in their facilities, (and) rather than spending five or six figures in capital expense to upgrade all that, they are looking at moving them to more virtual cloud in our data center environment.

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