A ‘bucket list’ for Hanover?

Local leaders working on a 'Top 100' list of things to do in the community

While on vacation in Ocean City, N.J., Hanover-area businessman Jim Simpson came across a book featuring a “bucket list” of the top 100 things to do in the resort town, from walking on the beach in the early morning to making sure seagulls don’t steal your food.

The longtime resident of the southwestern York County got an idea.

Why not develop a similar list for Hanover, wondered Simpson, president of Hanover Shoe Farm, a 3,000-acre horse farm in and around Hanover and Littlestown.

Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce and downtown leaders liked the idea, and have started collecting local things to do for a similar venture in their community.

They plan to work on the effort for much of 2016. They’re not sure yet what form the “bucket list” will take, whether a book or an online publication, but said the 100 ideas will be a great tool for visitors and residents alike.

“Those of us who are familiar with Hanover know there are a lot of things that are unique to our area. We like the idea, and I’m glad Jim contacted me,” said Justine Kilkelly, manager of Main Street Hanover.

Kilkelly and officials with the chamber have started brainstorming ideas for the top 100 “Bucket List.” She expects residents will be asked to submit ideas, as well.

The Ocean City book includes activities like having your picture taken with a lifeguard or trying to protect your sandwich from a seagull (good luck with that), and Kilkelly said the Hanover list could feature similarly fun suggestions.

David O'Connor
Dave O'Connor covers York County, manufacturing, higher education, nonprofits, and workforce development. Have a tip or question for him? Email him at doconnor@cpbj.com.

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