5 tips to get the kids ready for the new school year

Leslie Penkunas//July 31, 2019

5 tips to get the kids ready for the new school year

Leslie Penkunas//July 31, 2019

August ushers in the final stretch of the summer vacation season. A nationwide survey of parents conducted by Brainly—a peer-to-peer learning community of students, parents, and teachers—looked at whether children are ready to jump back into the daily grind of school. Nationwide, just over half of the parents said they think their kids are prepared. For the remaining 44 percent, here Brainly’s top five tips for parents to help their children prepare to head back to school.

1. Develop a sleep routine now
Getting up early for school can be jarring for middle and high school students who have been used to sleeping in all summer. Sixty-two percent of parents said they are worried their kids will have a hard time adjusting their snooze schedules during their first week back to school.

Start a routine a few weeks before term begins so that your kids can get used to their new schedule.

2. Establish school routines
In a similar vein, students should get used to the hours of work (and homework) they will be expected to do during the school year. Ninety-two percent of parents said homework is the biggest school-related stressor for their families.

Develop a routine to help your kids manage their time and set up a dedicated homework space so they’re ready to hit the books in September.

3. Avoid the summer slump
Eighty-two percent of American parents believe their kiddos experienced at least a mild to moderate amount of learning loss over the long summer months. If you want to help them hit the ground running academically at the start of the year, Brainly recommends keeping their skillsets fresh and mind’s sharp over the summer with reading as well as platforms that engage them in thought.

4. Get your school supplies
This may seem obvious but students will need pens, pencils, calculators and more if they’re going to succeed this semester.

Get those things early while they are on sale.

5. Get your kids (and yourself) organized
Nothing adds heaps of unneeded stress to and an already stressful time than not being organized. Only 22 percent of U.S. parents said they currently feel organized for the start of the new school year, and a mere 10 percent of parents said they remain organized throughout the entire school year.

Create a plan for before and after school for your kids and yourself and stick to it. Routines are important for everyone.

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