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5 Tips for Surviving “HallowThanksMas”

Couldn’t we all use 5 Tips for Surviving “HallowThanksMas” this year? Never heard of it? The first time I heard of it was last year.

I don’t know where it originated, but the term has become so popular that you can now find hundreds of Etsy shops and Pinterest pages filled with “HallowThanksMas” swag, crafts, and activities.

This year I’ve been wondering how moms will handle it. Why? Because we are the default “HallowThanksMas” project managers. Some moms thrive in it. They seem to effortlessly decorate a month in advance while simultaneously managing the perfect budget for all the costumes, gifts and food. And they don’t stop there. Other moms flourish not so much. Many appear to be regulars on the hot-mess express.

I don’t know about you, but as a working wife and mom of three, I strive to land somewhere in the middle. What’s worked for me? Read on for 5 tips to survive “HallowThanksMas.”

  1.  Maintain a consistent schedule. As tedious as it may sound, use your favorite planner or smart device to keep track of key dates, deadlines and appointments. Aim to look at your schedule daily so you know what to expect. As a mom, this not only helps you, it models healthy organizational habits for your kids.
  2. Consider choosing one of the holidays as your family’s primary focus or do less for each. Don’t feel pressure from social media advertisements to celebrate all of them at 110%. I have a friend whose family loves Halloween. They have been hosting an annual Halloween party every year for at least the last 20 years (this year, she’s doing it virtually). Another friend cherishes Christmas so much that she decorates in August and keeps it up until February!
  3.  Enjoy holiday treats in moderation. If you live in fear of gaining the “HallowThanksMas 15” don’t stock your fridge and pantry with sweets. Strive to keep them for a few days and then give unopened non-perishables away. We do this every year with our Halloween candy. If we overbuy, we bag it up and give it out to coworkers, military, or dentist offices.
  4.  Take care of yourself. This should probably be number one on your list of priorities. When you aren’t sitting around the holiday table, try to eat “lean and green.” The more healthy protein, fruits, and vegetables you consume, the better you’ll feel. Grab your running shoes, bike helmet, or yoga mat every day as well so that when a greedy shopper snatches that hot LEGO set out of your hand, you can take a deep breath and just walk away. Or, better yet, shop online.
  5. Take care of others. As a mom, that’s all we do, right? But in this instance, consider doing something simple, yet meaningful for someone else. It doesn’t have to be a boxed gift, but perhaps donate time or money to your favorite charity. If you’re outside and your elderly or disabled neighbor’s driveway needs shoveling, ask if you can do it for them. Acts of charity mean so much to those in need and they typically make us feel good!

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