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2018 Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies #50 – #41

Companies are ranked according to revenue growth over the three-year period of 2015 – 2017. Both dollar and percentage increases in revenue were used to determine the final rankings.

#50 Susan Graham Consulting

Susan Graham, President

#49 Appalachia Technologies, LLC

Mike Romano, Partner

#48 Klock Entertainment

Jason Klock, Founder

#47 Land Grant Surveyors

Steven C. Black, President

#46 Momentum, Inc.

Scott Reilly, Executive Director

#45 Gavin

Mandy Arnold, CEO

#44 Aaron Enterprises Inc.

Vincent Rice, President

#43 St. Onge Company

Bryan Jensen, Chairman & Executive Vice President

#42 RL Livingston, Inc.

Rick L. Livingston, President

#41 Cargas Systems, Inc.

Nate Scott, President & CEO

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