20 summer activities for families, both traditional and creative

Ioannis Pashakis//June 1, 2023

20 summer activities for families, both traditional and creative

Ioannis Pashakis//June 1, 2023

While some summer activities might be obvious go-to’s for you and your family, a new list by social media page What To Do With The Kids lists 20 things to do this summer that may not be in your plans. 

What To Do With The Kids is based on the 2001 self-published book by Brian Presley, a former youth worker, camp counsellor and program director.   

Presley’s list starts with a summer classic, going to the beach, but don’t forget the sunscreen! 

“It may seem like a lot of trouble but not if you keep it simple.  Beach towel, a few beach toys and lots of sunscreen is all you really need,” Presley writes in the list. “You can also bring folding chairs and a sun umbrella as well.” 

Other outdoor activities include hiking, fishing, swimming, mini golf, biking and exploring your city. Presley also recommends breaking into spontaneous games of catch whenever possible. 

“It’s the one thing that movies like to use as the only activity dad never did with the hero of the story but it doesn’t have to be forced or organized.  It can be spontaneous,” he said. “Most people think of playing catch involves a baseball glove and a ball but there are a lot more items you can use.  Try a football, beach ball, tennis ball or the classic Frisbee.” 

The list goes on to touch on some activities that can happen right in your backyard like hosting a party, flying a kite, using a water slide or camping. 

“Why not host a party just for the heck of it?  Make up a reason such as celebrating International Pickle Day or just a good ole fashion summer party.  Barbeque some hotdogs and burgers, make some potato salad, coleslaw and play a few games.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or really organized.” 

 Some more creative choices in the list include hosting an outdoor movie, container planting or a photo essay. 

“A photo essay is just a fancy way to get kids to take photos with their phones.  In the old days we used something called a camera but since smartphones are here, they’ll work just fine,” writes Presley. “Have the kids document a trip or an outing such as a day at the beach or to the zoo… When they arrive home, they can upload the photos to their computer and create a slide show.  The older kids may be able to incorporate video and background music as well.  Once done, save a copy in a safe place and in a few years, you can remind them of how much fun they had that day.”   

The list also includes hanging out, picnics, sidewalks or driveway chalk drawing, campfires and bowling. 

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