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If you would like a spreadsheet version of this list and it's not available online, call the Business Journal circulation department at (717) 236-4300 or email Unless noted otherwise, PDFs are of a list as it appeared in the paper. Spreadsheets contain information on all qualified companies that responded to a survey.

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Retirement communities

Published 11 April 2014; available in html directory, PDF($) and spreadsheet($) formatS

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Fields included in the RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES product:

NOTE: Some records may not contain data for every field listed below.

  • Total - ret comm
  • SC - total PC-AL
  • Facility
  • SC: options
  • F-T local employees
  • P-T local employees
  • # F-T RNs
  • # P-T RNs
  • # F-T LPNs
  • # P-T LPNs
  • 2013 local revenue
  • 2012 local revenue
  • Payment options
  • For-profit or nonprofit
  • Affiliation
  • Amenities
  • Do you have a senior day care program?
  • Independent-living units
  • Personal care units
  • Independent-living population
  • Personal care population
  • Independent-living occupancy rate
  • Personal care occupancy rate
  • IL monthly fees
  • Personal care monthly fee
  • IL waiting list
  • PC waiting list
  • IL entrance fee
  • PC entrance fee
  • Licensed PC capacity
  • AL beds
  • NH beds
  • AL population
  • Nursing home population
  • AL occupancy
  • Nursing home occupancy rate
  • Daily rate for asst-living private
  • Daily rate for skilled nursing private
  • Daily rate for asst-living semi-private
  • Daily rate for skilled nursing semi
  • AL waiting list
  • NH waiting list
  • # total nursing home admissions in 2013
  • Last inspection
  • Nursing hours
  • AL amenities
  • Nursing home amenities
  • Parent company
  • Type of business
  • Characteristics
  • Street address
  • P.O. Box
  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Zip+4
  • Website
  • Top local executive
  • Company phone
  • Company e-mail
  • Toll-free number
  • Company fax
  • Headquarters municipality
  • Year established locally
  • Local locations
  • Total locations
  • Brief description
  • Business contact(s)
  • Blog url
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • : (Company name)
  • Top local executive and title: (First name, Middle, Last name, Prefix (eg, Mr or Ms), Suffix (eg, Jr or CPA), Title, Email)
  • : (First name, Middle, Last name, Prefix (eg, Mr or Ms), Suffix (eg, Jr or CPA), Title, Phone, Email)
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