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Steve Wolgemuth Founder & CEO, YDOP

About Steve Wolgemuth

Steve Wolgemuth is the founder and CEO of YDOP (pronounced "WHY-dopp"), a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based internet marketing company specializing in Near-user Marketing.

At YDOP, he has assembled a team designed to be an ideal fit for businesses needing to reach nearby clients using digital strategies like local SEO, local target marketing, local conversion strategies, local reputation management and local social media strategies.

Steve didn’t set out to build an online marketing company — his journey to YDOP started in the competitive field of dressage horse riding. Sometimes called “ballet dancing for horses,” Steve quickly fell in love with the challenge of mastering this highly technical art form. Within a decade, Steve had become the fourth-ranked rider in the United States.

Retiring from competition in 1990, Steve used his experience in the horse-riding world to help other aspiring dressage riders find special horses. He built a website, developed a sizable network of clients and breeders, and traveled to Europe monthly. Based on his relationships, experiences, and targeted online marketing strategies, Steve quickly became the leading dressage horse broker in North America. In fact, at the 2016 Olympics, the highest scoring dressage horse in American Olympics history was one that Steve selected for its owner.

As his importing business grew, Steve sharpened his digital marketing skills so he could target the right buyers who were looking for his services. His customers, many of whom were savvy business owners themselves, recognized his gifts, not only for completing the deal, but also for marketing his services online. These business owners started asking Steve for help in creating their own website and crafting an online marketing plan.

This was the start of YDOP. “Your dream, our project,” was the mantra.

In his role at YDOP, Steve uses his competitiveness and desire for mastery to help businesses dominate their markets in online search. In the highly competitive field of digital marketing, he’s built YDOP into a pioneer in Near-User Marketing, helping localized businesses reach their target markets. By partnering with and building long-term relationships with each client, Steve is able to help owners adapt their businesses for the digital world.

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