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Ryan Colquhoun Broker/Partner, Harrisburg Property Management Group

About Ryan Colquhoun

Ryan Colquhoun was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania and has been a full-time real estate agent, broker and real estate investor for many years. He is married, has two children and currently resides in Hampden Township, Pennsylvania.

Ryan has played an integral role in more than a thousand real estate investment transactions in some or all capacities ranging from deal structuring, negotiation, acquisition, renovation, sale and nearly every element in between.

Additionally, as a founding member of Harrisburg Property Management Group, his knowledge of property management is vast and founded on years of experience facilitating thousands of residential lease transactions and providing ongoing full-service management.

He holds degrees in business management and labor and employment relations and is pursing his law degree at Widener Law School, where he sits near the top of his class. He has earned dean’s lists honors during every semester attended to date.

Ryan has the real-world experience, education and sense of ethical business practices you are looking for in a real estate professional who can deliver you results, not excuses!

Accolades, memberships, and recognition:

  • 2011-2012 Weichert, Realtors: MidAtlantic Region Top Agent of the Year
  • 2012 Weichert, Realtors: Ambassador’s Club
  • 2011 Weichert, Realtors: President’s Club
  • Greater Harrisburg, PA, & National Association of Realtors
  • Central Penn Mutli-List
  • National Association of Residential Property Managers
  • Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker License
  • Widener Law Journal: Associate Staff Editor

Posts by Ryan Colquhoun

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The statement at the root of this discussion may seem comical when you read it, but, sadly, I hear it at least once a month from landlords that call

Broken leases: Better to use honey or vinegar?

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When a tenant breaks a lease, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to resolving the issue, but choosing the wrong approach may lead to otherwise avoidable complications.

Renting vs. selling your home: Pros and cons

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When you’re ready to move, you have two options to consider when it comes to your existing home: selling it or renting it. When it comes time to decide between the two, here are some things to consider:

3 things to consider when choosing a property management company

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A property management company can take a tremendous amount of pressure off your day-to-day as a landlord. If you’re in the...

Your year-round property maintenance checklist

By Ryan Colquhoun

In order to make sure your property looks and functions its best all year, it’s important to make sure to keep up with basic property maintenance tasks.

How to prepare your rental for new tenants

By Ryan Colquhoun

If you’ve secured a new tenant, there is no doubt you are eager to move them in and start collecting rent. However, it’s important to make sure you have fully prepared the property for your new tenants in order to ensure a...

What should a landlord do when a sole tenant dies?

By Ryan Colquhoun

In my last post, I focused on the improvements made to laws by...

When is a property 'abandoned'? How to handle abandoned tenant property in a rental unit

By Ryan Colquhoun

Over the last four years, the Pennsylvania legislature has taken steps to help landlords handle abandoned tenant property.

Evictions: 3 steps for handling every landlord's horror story

By Ryan Colquhoun

There are few, if any, landlords who do not have an eviction story. Among landlords, stories about evictions are passed around like terrifying urban legends — they induce anxiety much more than they inform. We regularly have...

Tenant screening: Best practices go beyond the rental application (part 4)

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A great deal of consideration goes into a custom tenant screening process. In previous parts of this series, I have reviewed

Tenant screening: Best practices go beyond the rental application (part 3)

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In parts 1 and 2 of this tenant screening series, I reviewed key elements of our...

Tenant screening: Best practices go beyond the rental application (part 2)

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While there is not an ironclad tenant screening process — even if a variety websites claim to provide such a service — a strategic screening process can be implemented to yield far more successes than failures.

Tenant screening: Best practices go beyond the rental application (part 1)

By Ryan Colquhoun

Multiple times each week, a landlord contacts our property management company because things have gone badly with a tenant.

Homeowners associations and condos: A landlord's dream, or nightmare?

By Ryan Colquhoun

For a landlord, there are many good things about owning a rental property within a homeowners or condo association: managed lawn care, landscaping and exterior maintenance as well as amenities like gyms, pools, tennis courts, club houses...

Be prepared: Every wheel is going to squeak sooner or later (part 2)

By Ryan Colquhoun

With so many wheels squeaking all the time — tiles that need to be replaced in the bathroom this year, windows that need to be insulated this winter, locks that need to be repaired today — it is difficult to prioritize the...

Be prepared: Every wheel is going to squeak sooner or later (part 1)

By Ryan Colquhoun

You cannot talk about rental properties without discussing repair, maintenance, preservation and planning.